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Dichondra Repens Plant Trays

Each Tray measures 330mm x 330mm

Includes FREE Express Postage

Dichondra Repens Plant Tiles
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A Lawn that does not require Mowing? Yes, it's True!

Watch A Lawn not mown for Eight Years! - Click below to View Video


What Are Dichondra Trays? - Click below to View Video


  • Our Dichondra repens Plant Trays are a stunning alternative to traditional lawns
  • Dichondra is also a wonderful alternative to wood chips - A Living Mulch!
  • Works brilliantly between Pavers or Stepping Stones. Simply cut the slab to the shapes that you require
  • Plant Dichondra at the top of a Garden Wall or in a Pot and create a Weeping effect
  • Each Tray measures 330mm x 330mm and only 22mm deep
  • Achieve Full Green Coverage instantly at Half the Cost of using 100mm Pots
  • Simply remove your Dichondra Plant Tiles and lay on the Prepared Area. If needed you can cut to Shape with Scissors and butt together for Complete Coverage
  • Normally Express Posted Same Day  (Due to Covid we only post on Mondays and Tuesdays - We will post as late as Wednesday for Sydney Orders)
  • If you require Less than the Minimum Five Trays, call us for a price
  • For Large Orders Ask about a Price for Direct Delivery from our Grower
  • Ask us for a Bulk Buy Price
  • For Large Orders Ask about a Price for Direct Delivery from our Grower
  • If you do not have a Credit Card, email us for our Bank Details
  • Covid-19 Update - Our groundcovers are very hardy and travel really well. Whilst we are yet to experience any significant delays or failed deliveries due to Covid-19, we cannot guarantee 100% that your order will be delivered on time, or even without a significant delay.
    All Online Nurseries have been effected by Covid-19, and Tranquil Havens is no exception. We are all in the same boat when it comes to plant deliveries.
    In saying that, we have been less impacted than most, due to the fact that we utilise Express Postage and or Next Day Delivery Couriers for all of our orders.
  • We are not permitted to send to WA, NT or TAS due to quarantine laws


Dichondra Repens Trays

5 x Dichondra Repens Trays
[ If you require Less than the Minimum Five Trays please Call Us for a Price ]

$224.50 inc. GST

Creeping Dichondra Tiles

10 x Dichondra Repens Trays

$448.00 inc. GST


Dichondra No Mow Tiles

20 x Dichondra Repens Trays

$895.00 inc. GST

Dichondra No Mow Lawn

50 x Dichondra Repens Trays

$2220.00 inc. GST

Dichondra Repens Kidney Weed

100 x Dichondra Repens Trays

$4435.00 inc. GST



Dichondra repens is also known as Kidney Weed, Kidney Grass and Mercury Bay Weed.

An attractive groundcover often used as a lawn alternative in moist, shady areas. It can tolerate light foot traffic so makes great lawn alternative.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage recommended Dichondra repens as a living mulch

It is a lush Australian native that's an easy to grow groundcover with small, dark green kidney shaped leaves.

The vigorous creeping habit results in a dense mat that hugs the ground and spreads readily.

Dichondra looks gorgeous when planted between pavers, between sleepers, as a ground stabiliser for sloping banks, in rockeries, or in hanging baskets. Because it is virtually maintenance free it is perfect for those hard to get at nooks and crannies in your garden.

It prefers a well drained, moist soil and likes shady areas.

Please note that we prefer to post our Grasses on a Monday or Tuesday, to avoid the possibility of the Plants having to sit in a Postal Storage shed over the weekend.

Due to Quarantine laws Tranquil Havens is not permitted to post to WA, NT or Tasmania.


Tiles Of Dichondra
Dichondra Bluestone
Stepping Stones
Night Time Dichondra
Kidney Weed Pavers
Dichondra Repens Courtyard
Bluestone Pathway Dichondra
Groundcover Plant Tiles
Dichondra Trays
Dichondra Plant Tiles
Backyard Courtyard Dichondra
Dichondra Close Up
Rockery Path Dichondra
Dichondra Plant Tiles Path
Round Stepper
Dichondra Trays Bluestone
Maze Of Dichondra
Dichondra Trays Walkway

Some Of Our Other Grasses

Zoysia Tenuifolia and Ophiopogon Japonicus Nana

Both Zoysia tenuifolia and Ophiopogon Japonicus Nana have many 'Common Names' which has always made it difficult to establish which plant to purchase, until now that is!

What is Zoysia Tenuifolia?

Here is an article written in the Sydney Morning Herald   Zoysia Makes a Brilliant Green Nomow Lawn. Written by Robin Powell, this article sings the praises of Zoysia Tenuifolia. Robin describes Zoysia and mentions Tranquil Havens and my good self:

"Keen gardener Graeme Fraser saw it there (Hunter Valley Gardens) in 2009 and loved its free-form, free-flowing look. So when he found it impossible to buy for his own garden, he made a ‘‘note to self: business opportunity".

He launched Tranquil Havens (tranquilhavens.com.au), an online nursery selling Dwarf Mondo and Zoysia, his true love, by mail-order. Graeme says his success, despite his lack of horticultural experience, is a guarantee to other gardeners of the plant’s adaptability. It grows in sun and shade, only complains if left in soggy soil, and is not particularly expensive.

"If you fancy a brilliant emerald green lawn that doesn’t need mowing, mossy-looking landscapes without the challenge of growing moss, and softness so alluring you can’t keep your hands off it, meet Zoysia tenuifolia. It is the plant set to become this decade’s mondo grass."                                                                                           Robin Powell - Sydney Morning Herald

Zoysia Tenuifolia is native to Asia, and is named after botanist Karl Von Zois. A warm-season grass, its deep root system allows it to tolerate drought better than many other turf grasses. It is also tolerant of shade, cold and foot traffic.

Here is a comprehensive list of Common Names for these two products:

Zoysia Tenuifolia (Korean No Mow Grass)
  • No Mow Grass
  • Minmow Grass
  • Petting Grass
  • Korean Grass
  • Temple Grass
  • Velvet Grass
  • Mascarene Grass
  • Korean Lawngrass
  • Japanese Lawngrass
  • Manila Grass
  • Bump Grass
  • Clumping Grass
  • Snake Grass
Ophiopogon Japonicus Nana (Dwarf or Mini Mondo Grass)
  • Dwarf Mondo Grass
  • Mini Mondo Grass
  • Mondo Grass
  • Dwarf Lilyturf
  • Fountain Plant
  • Monkey Grass
  • Dragon's Beard
  • Snake's Beard

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further details about these wonderful grasses.

We supply Zoysia Tenuifolia in 90mm, 100mm, 125mm and 140mm Pots, and we now can supply in Plant Trays (Plant Tiles) which measure 330mm x 330mm.

Zoysia Experiment

If you look check out Page Menu, you will find the translated details of an experiment created by 'Bago' in Italy.

This Zoysia Tenuifolia experiment was carried out over a period of twelve months.

You can also visit here to view the Italian version of the experiment: Esperimento Verde (Green Experiment) .

Thank you to 'Bago' for the professional manner in which he produced this experiment. You can also visit his website: www.digg.it then click on "Esperimento Verde" in the right hand side menu on his page.

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Dwarf Mondo Potts Point Swans Amongst Zoysia Mini Mondo In Pavers Buddha In Zoysia Korean Velvet Grass Waterfall