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Each trays measures 330mm x 330mm

The per tray price reduces the greater the quantity purchased

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Thyme Magic Carpet Tray

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Thyme ~ Thymus serpyllum ~ var. Magic Carpet

    This is a lawn variety of Thyme on which you can walk. It makes an excellent lawn as it requires little watering and no mowing! Used as an alternative lawn, it can tolerate light traffic. Thyme must have good drainage, is drought tolerant and must have full sun.

    This gorgeous mini creeping thyme makes a striking lawn substitute and features deep green foliage that explodes in late spring with carmine-pink flowers. Magic Carpet Thyme has a soft scent of lemon when stepped on
    and it is a maintenance free, hardy plant that will give years of beauty and enjoyment.

    It can also be used as a ground cover because of its creeping habit and low growing nature. It is also edible and can be used just like regular thyme. The leaves of this ground cover are edible and the plants are full of tiny pink clusters of blooms that are attractive to butterflies.

    Magic Carpet thyme ground cover is only 50 - 100mm high, and spreads and flowers for most of the summer. It is perfect for edging the garden border, rock gardens, walkways, patios and in containers.

    If you have a stepping stone path or a flagstone patio, growing Thyme Magic Carpet is a great way to add lovely, low-growing thyme to the walkway and patio crevices.

    Magic Carpet Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum) is also known as Creeping Thyme, Breckland Thyme, Breckland Wild Thyme or Elfin Thyme

    Magic Carpet Thyme:
    • Each Tray measures 330mm x 330mm and only 22mm deep
    • Achieve Full Green Coverage instantly at Half the Cost of using 100mm Pots
    • Simply remove your Dichondra and lay on the Prepared Area. If needed you can cut to Shape with Scissors and butt together for Complete Coverage
    • Delivered Direct to your Door, normally Express Posted the same Day and Tracking available for all Deliveries
    • For Large Orders Ask about a Price for Direct Delivery from our Grower
    • If you do not have a Credit Card, email us for our Bank Details
    • A low maintenance lawn
    • Excellent ground cover because of its low growing and creeping nature
    • Great for checkerboard patterns between pavers and stepping stones
    • Looks terrific in Rock/Alpine Gardens
    • Ideal for rooftop gardens
    • Garden sculptures
    • Excellent ground cover because of its low growing and creeping nature


Thymus Serpylum Tile

5 x Thyme Trays


$225.00 inc. GST

Thyme Magic Carpet Tray

10 x Thyme Trays


$420.00 inc. GST

Stepping Stones

20 x Thyme Trays


$820.00 inc. GST


50 x Thyme Trays


$2,025.00 inc. GST


100 x Thyme Trays


$4,000.00 inc. GST

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